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Holidays at Coorg – The Real Visual Treat and Feast Nature Has To Offer

Everyone looks for some hideouts to be free from the hustles and bustles of day to day lives. If you look for a place that is free from skyscrapers and rich with lush greenery, then Coorg is the best spot to select from. Coorg also is known as Kodagu, known for coffee plantations and is lovey called as the ‘Scotland of India’ and the ‘Kashmir of Karnataka’. This shows how much specials and visual treats the nature of Coorg has to offer for the tourists.

Holidays at Coorg

Coorg – The special place for nature lovers

Coorg being one of the most affluent hill stations in Karnataka is the best destination for nature lovers. The place provides a great opportunity for the visitors to mingle with magical mystics of nature to experience some of the moments that had never before. Rich flora and fauna with exotic lush greens are more than enough to feel a new world that is totally free from the rushes of the city.  Take a break to enjoy and experience colourful and simplistic life in the best Coorg resorts nestled within the laps of forest and mountain.

Hot pick for everyone

Coorg, without doubt, can be said as the hot pick for everyone who loves to create some unforgettable moments in life. This makes the best spot for anniversary, honeymoon, family vacation, rafting, trekking and even for soft rejuvenation. This is one of the most visited places by traffic-weary Bengaluru folks. They frequently visit this hill station to enjoy the weekend with the best form of relaxation gifted by the chillness of mountain breeze.

Resorts for everyone

Never miss night stay in Coorg to experience the real beauty of the trip. Everyone can find the best matching Coorg resorts as per the purpose of visit and the budget. Tourists can select from the best overall resort, best budget resort, best boutique, best resort for romance, best resort for singles, best resort for luxury, best for families, best for business, best hostel, and more. This hill station never makes anyone worried about selecting the places for night stay.

Enjoy the night

Most of the resorts give the best view of nature and forests. You can feel the breeze, chirping of birds, murmurings of leaves and smiles of valleys in the night. The time under the starry sky really makes your heart and soul free from any of the tensions and worries and makes you regain the energy. Coorg resorts are real heavens for honeymoon couples and those who visit the place to create some of the best ever romantic moments. Resorts provide different types of cottages and rooms at different budgets to meet the expectations of each of the tourist visiting Coorg.

Homestays – Make the moments more memorable

As the name says, homestay gives you a beautiful home to spend the time in a different way and to make the moments more memorable. Homestays are available in both cottage and South Indian style homes. The design and architectural setup of homestays make it perfectly blend with the surroundings and provide a treat for the eye. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are cooked in local style as per the preference of the tourists.

Year-round destination

The soothing and refreshing climate makes Coorg one of the best year-round destinations. Temperature between 15 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius never makes anyone miss the specials of the hill station at any time. However, it is a good idea to plan a Coorg tour based on the purpose and preference of the visit. The time between October and May are good for sightseeing and outdoor activities. On the other hand, months from June to September makes a good period for interior activities and to enjoy the valleys beautified with white flowers.  

Never miss these places

Coorg keeps specials for the eyes and mind where ever the tourist turns. Here are some of the places the hill station has to offer that should not be missed.

Abbey Falls

Abbey falls is one of the breath-taking places to visit in Coorg. This fall is situated at a distance of 24 Km from the city centre and 1 Km from the town of Madikeri. The falls find its place between the spice estates and coffee plantations. It makes a good feast for the eyes with the gushing beauty of Kaveri River cascading down a rock face to make the falls. The months of November and December just after the monsoon are the best time to visit the falls.

Dubare Elephant Camp

This makes the best place for elephant lovers. This camp situating at a distance of just 17 Km from the city centre provides a great opportunity for the visitors to watch how the elephants are given the bath, fed and most interestingly trained by the mahouts. With more than 150 elephants, this camp provides everything for elephant lovers. In addition to elephant watch, tourists can also tale a coracle ride to spot a gaur, crocodile, sloth bear, wild dog, and peacocks.

Chettali – The real village beauty

This is one of the best spots to visit who loves cultural tourism. This is a small local village on Madikeri with the real beauty, and Siddapur Road is the exact place to stop at. This place makes the best spot to relax and enjoy the serenity with misty hills decorated with unending greenery. This is the perfect place for the people who search for a fantastic spot to make a refreshing escape from urban life.

Other places to visit

Other important places to visit in and near Coorg for two or more days' trip include Brahmagiri Peak, Iruppu Falls, Nagarhole National Park, Raja's Seat, Mandalpatti Viewpoint, Bylakuppe, Cauvery Nisargadhama, Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, and more.

These are some of the important facts about Coorg and some of the best places to visit. It is the nightlife that brings the real beauty, satisfaction and thrill of Coorg tour. Hence, never make a compromise when selecting the resorts. As said above everyone can get the special Coorg resorts based on the purpose of visit. Every second counts in Coorg.


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